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Tid Bits


Paul Heltunen

So, as it has usually gone, every summer just jumps on us and our whole schedule is completely thrown off. That is, a schedule is thrown off for school students. I am, however, graduated from college. I have a bigger role in being my own teacher. An even bigger change than just a getting summer vacation! It is almost the Fourth of July and I haven't kept up on blogging. Goes to show how busy a guy can be.. working 80ish hours a week looking at flowers, high school graduations and trips all over the place. I mean, I love the greenhouse and this freedom, but I need to get a real job soon. I think I am done with that job now though (we will see if I get sucked back into the much needed income and good times).

Good news! I have one of possibly two interviews here in Duluth set up. And I thought the design jobs were dried up here.. Looks like I may be able to stay for at least a year, please and thank you!

I forgot about writing on my morning coffee cups at work for one day, but did it the next day. It would give me something creative to do. These are a few of my favorites from the last month and a half:



Oh! And my little big brother is getting married! Fun stuff ahead, adding to a quick summer here.. I am working on some simple wedding invites for him and his fiancé.