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Paul Heltunen

I have felt like a stranger to my website, to my past work, to UMD. I guess that's what it is like growing up and moving on. When I made that post about being out in the world, and possibly getting a job soon, well, I got one here in Duluth! ..and I am already done with it. I worked as a Junior Graphic Designer for a web development company. As the rookie on a small team of designers, I worked mostly producing merchandising slides for our clients' websites. I was slowly starting to like the work flow and the team was starting to mold into a fast-moving machine when the layoffs happened. I was neither disappointed or elated over my being cut. I went into this job seeing only about a short 2-year stay, but the comfort of Duluth and the stability of a full-time job was getting me hooked. So sure, I will miss the income and the creative energy it gave me, but I feel it was a blessing in disguise. A reason to start looking for that something new. A bit premature of the 2-year mark, but do anyone's plans ever work out exactly as they make them? You gotta roll with the punches, as is so commonly said in these kinds situations! With all my spare time, and the Olympics to keep me planted, I will be working on my resume and website and focusing on my freelance work. Here is to 2014 and what is to come. Who knows, maybe I'll move somewhere on the coast, any coast, just for the fun of it. Work fast food to learn how to surf? I could live with that. It's about life experiences that make us more alive, not the work and the paycheck.