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Tid Bits

Monday Night #4

Paul Heltunen

Last week came and went before I knew I didn't do a post.. ah, traditions are meant to be broken. Probably not that early though. Finals week, that's my excuse!

I drew on a chalkboard weekly (missed a few here and there) throughout my college experience. I didn't come up with the idea until sophomore year, but I have 96 pictures of the chalkboards. Super neat! I went through them, as well as all my college work, papers, receipts, scraps, junk, and everything else. A bit of spring cleaning, if you will. I think I am staying in Duluth for this summer and possibly the next year, but I feel the only way I can grow as a designer is to get out of here. Whether it is going somewhere exotic for a summer or a year, or finding a internship or job in the cities I don't quite know where I am going yet. I need to do some personal work and maybe a few freelance projects to discover what I actually like to do outside of school, then I will maybe know where to go. Duluth is a beautiful city and all, but the design job market is kind of dry as of now. I have a few leads with friends and family that I will take up to fill some extra time so I know I have something to do this summer at least.

College taught me a lot, especially knowing I came into UMD as a completely clueless kid. Heck, I didn't even know what the Adobe Creative Suite was, or how to work the tools come the first few weeks of school! I tried it, liked it and learned a bunch about being a creative person. From taking every possible science and math class in high school to now doing what I love was the best possible scenario that could play out. Thank you family, friends.. and all that jazz. You know the speech. Thank you.

Here is a list of some of my peers that I am proud to call friends, as well as a former substitute professor that has some "super" work.

Matthew Paul
Trisha Holmes
Kelsey Malsom
Karley Nyhus
Matthew Olin

There are others, of course, but the list could get obnoxiously long!

Here is that chalk I was talking about: