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Tid Bits

Monday Night #3

Paul Heltunen

Okay, well it is actually Wednesday. This week has been a bit hectic, as school winds down and I look for internships and jobs online. Duluth is looking a bit dry, so I may need to start doing some direct visits to get my face out there.

Something I noticed: thank you, Kindle Fire HD, for doing your campaign right! You have become my new favorite tablet, just for your commercial I watched last night. Technology is trying to market to parents that don't have time for their kids. Tablets and phones are a great way to settle kids, and it is giving the kids the idea they can get whatever they want for being childish. Kindle points parents in the right direction. Sure, kids can play digital games and watch videos, but there is a limit. The Kindle has timers that let kids play digital, but remind them that their real life is there waiting for them to enjoy.

I grew up in the country without internet or a television, so I lived outdoors. My mother would kick us out the door if we were being rambunctious and we had to find things to do. My parents didn't have the luxury of being lazy, sticking a flashy screen in front of our face on long road trips. I am speaking strongly here, as I don't want to raise my own kids with a dependency on technology. It will probably be inevitable that we will learn to live with both but there is a balance that we have to give kids these day. They have to learn to grow on their own and explore their creativity off screen as I did.

Here is the commercial!