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Tid Bits

Monday Night #2

Paul Heltunen

Before I continue working on some stop motion, a portfolio piece and a photography assignment, I will write some this snowy, snowy Monday night. First, a plug for the Student Design Organization's design showcase (Facebook invite here!).

I am currently creating a brand for a student-run cafe at my former high school. I am a frequent visitor and dislike going when it feels I am walking into a classroom. I want to find a solution to show that this class needs to tie in seamlessly with the restaurant aspect of the course. Sure, it is an opportunity to learn about the culinary arts and restaurant management, but it also has to feel like the students are working in the true environment. The customers, both students and the community alike, also want to have a creative atmosphere to sit, relax and eat some cheap food with friends.

If anyone has some advice on what it is like to work in the food industry and know of any specific solutions to make the staff-customer relationship better, send me an email!

I am kind of going for a My Burger feel, created by Minneapolis brand agency Fame. Modern and classy, yet quirky and energetic. It is ironic that the school colors are red and gold, a close match to ketchup and mustard. I may work with that a bit!

My Burger, a creation of Fame.

My Burger, a creation of Fame.