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Tid Bits

Monday Night #1

Paul Heltunen

Ah yes, a day to just relax. I will need one of these every now and again from here on out. This past weekend was AIGA Minnesota's Portfolio 1-on-1 event in Minneapolis. It was a rewarding weekend, as I finally got some professional critiques on my portfolio and the progress I have made as a designer. Duluth does feel like a sheltered area sometimes, so it was nice to get to the big city and experience some buzz for a bit. Even with the snow in Duluth, we made it there and back safely.

My portfolio reviews were all positive, of which I was glad! I was nervously waiting for some negative feedback, as sometimes it feels I still have so much to learn. I actually do, really, but the encouraging feedback tells me I am on the right track! From the execution and conceptualization to the book layout and project order, one reviewer said I was ahead of the game of graduating seniors. I'll take that! I just have to expand, expand, expand in order to impress even the best.

Oh, and here is a new track from the unreal Polica. Song has been on repeat all day.